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Nature sings, universe moves with a rhythm, the breeze, humming of the bees, the waves of the sea, sound of an unborn baby, our heart beats, our speech, our walk, our run, everything around and within us participates in spontaneous sublime euphony. The universe is all about music with silence as its close companion. 


To create a mellifluous tune in music, it is essential to integrate the melody and rhythm interspersing with silence. Likewise, in our lives we need to create and sustain the equanimity to pursue harmony punctuated with silence to ponder on what we achieved. This melodiousness is a fundamental component of any creative development. 


This is what we imbibe from Indian Classical Music and make it a part of our lives for a harmonious living. This view point  applies to all of us and not just for the musicians. 


Living with Music is about recognizing Indian Classical Music as a way of life. And adapting it in our daily lives as well as incorporating it into various creative fields 

"When I am silent, I fall into the place where everything is music"



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Concept: Saloni Gandhi 

Picture Courtesy: Shri Dilip Bhojane & Saloni Gandhi 

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