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Living with Music & Anubhuti Trust together are keen to fulfill missions that Pandit Rajan Misraji was aspiring to achieve. Though will not be the same without His presence. 

Nurturing the New Generation

He wanted to create a system, a committee & funds for supporting young, dedicated & talented musicians. The criterion was to search for upcoming musicians, Hindustani Classical Vocalists, Instrumentalist & Tabla Players who has the patience to strive through the difficult growing phase.


 An appeal to all music lovers who realises the need to nurture the new generation musicians into a sustainable future, please support us financially for this endeavour.



Pandit Rajan Misraji & Living with Music had started working on documenting their astounding musical journey of 50 years in 2020 The treasures of these 50 years are vast. Their intricate and intrinsic knowledge of music, their heirloom bandish that has been passed on for a few generations to them, their own creations, their own innate thoughts of their musical maturation, the extensive audio and video recordings, their master classes, their workshops, many informal musical rendezvous and many more aspects of their incredible musical journey.

Untimely departure of Pandit Rajan Misraji has made a huge void in this process, yet we are trying our best to collect the invaluable treasure together which can be later on accessed by the future musicians.

We request all the music lovers who has enjoyed their music, who understand the invaluable content of their music, their musical thought process and recognise the significance of this colossal project of compiling their works of 50 years, to support us not only financially but help us by sharing all the music of Pandit Rajan Misra & Pandit Sajan Misra from your personal collection with Living with Music.

Anubhuti Trust


All the funds goes to Anubhuti Trust, which has been consistently working towards promoting and preserving our cultural legacy. The Trust is registered under section 80G & section 12A of the Income Tax Act

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