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An online concert  of Pandit Rajan Misra & Pandit Sajan Misra  followed by an interaction for a limited audience, as a fundraiser for the support of Indian Classical Musicians affected by the pandemic.  We got a wonderful response for the music and the cause. 

Barasan Laagi Boondariya (Online Fund raiser) 

July 2020

Three online concerts of Pandit Rajan Misra & Pandit Sajan Misra, with a curated and designed repertoire were created during the pandemic, to create a camaraderie with the audience during the difficult times.

The three theme based concerts under this tittle  were

1. Romantic Banaras

2. Magical Banaras

3. Spiritual Banaras

The concerts were enjoyed by music lovers all over the world. 

Ancient Sounds, Rejoicing Today

August, September, October 2020

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